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I first became interested in 4AD, a UK independent record label founded in 1980, towards the end of the '80's. I was falling in love with the music of Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, Pixies, Bauhaus and The Birthday Party and was surprised when the 4AD label sampler "Lonely Is An Eyesore" came out in 1987 that all these bands were from the same label.

After visiting a Pre-Raphaelite exhibition of some American's collection of art, I came to thinking of all this musical art that 4AD have released that may one day drift into obscurity unless someone shows it as art. So now I'm on a crusade, to collect the first ten years of 4AD's releases and exhibit the collection on 4AD's 50th anniversary in 2030. This is a big task which will have some interesting twists and turns along the way.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Five Years Waiting No More

I’ve had a good week. Little in the way of quantity, but vast in quality. This week I was able to purchase a release by This Mortal Coil. This Mortal Coil didn’t release much, three albums and a few singles. But an album sampler for “Filigree And Shadow” was given out by the Polygram label in Canada.

I saw reference to it in the Eyesore database. Now, the Eyesore database was my starting point for finding out what 4AD had released and what I needed to get. It’s a thorough website and a must if collecting 4AD.

For five years I’ve been searching for this promo and never seen anything of it. Then for the first time in five years I see it on ebay.

So now, I have it. Only looking back at the eyesore database, it looks as though the one I have is just another version on a different label. So although I’m overjoyed I finally have a version of it, there may be another one.

That’s half the fun of this collection, the detective work needed. Sometimes it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Ownership is probably the best proof, although bootlegs can also throw that proof out.

So, as usual, one achievement marked and another release added to the wanted list. I’m at a good point in my collection. When the idea first came to me to undertake this task and for the first couple of years after, the want list grew rapidly quicker than acquired list.
Now it’s about even. I see the progress, and the target looks achievable, but not easy so it’s still challenging. Onwards to the next acquisition.

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