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I first became interested in 4AD, a UK independent record label founded in 1980, towards the end of the '80's. I was falling in love with the music of Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, Pixies, Bauhaus and The Birthday Party and was surprised when the 4AD label sampler "Lonely Is An Eyesore" came out in 1987 that all these bands were from the same label.

After visiting a Pre-Raphaelite exhibition of some American's collection of art, I came to thinking of all this musical art that 4AD have released that may one day drift into obscurity unless someone shows it as art. So now I'm on a crusade, to collect the first ten years of 4AD's releases and exhibit the collection on 4AD's 50th anniversary in 2030. This is a big task which will have some interesting twists and turns along the way.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Here we are again, happy as can be

Ah, hello again. Once again it's just been too long since my last post. As always no real excuses except for having way too many things that I have given myself to do. For those of you that may not have followed all my blogs, apart from giving myself this nigh on impossible mission of collecting every 4ad licensed release from the first ten years, I have always had a habit of picking up other projects as well. Like writing a book. I decided this time last year to write my own biography as I've had an interesting life to say the least. Well, a year on and a couple of hundred thousand words later and I'm still writing it and wanting to just get the thing finished.

As I mentioned in my last post, the greatly anticipated book by Martin Aston has now been published. It's called Facing the Other Way and covers the story of 4AD. As I've ordered the limited edition and the production of that version is a little behind, I still haven't got my hands on it yet and I'm going nuts with anticipation for the chance to read it, but it won't be long now.

The reviews over the last few weeks have been interesting and eye opening. So I've collected a few for you to have a look at if interested :

The Writing Disorder
Drowned In Sound
The Guardian
The Mouth Magazine
Clash Music

I just hope that something else follows on the back of this book as it has done with the other well known 80's indie labels, such as a documentary or film. That kind of overview of the 4AD is well overdue in my opinion when the other labels have already had their fair share of documented history of late.

I have been in touch with Martin Aston over the last year and I recently submitted some questions to him for an interview for this blog. Martin is a very busy chap at the moment with the publicity for his book, but I hope I can bring you the interview soon.

I also recently came across a wonderful youtube blog that is wonderfully geeky, honest and yet fun and great to watch. The guy is called Bret Helm and he reviews music that he likes and listens to and does a few 4AD reviews as well as a review of Martin Aston's book. The channel can be found here and is well worth a look through. He has inspired me to try and have a go at doing a video blog myself. This turned out to not be any easy thing to do. Usually I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but suddenly put me in front of a camera and I can hardly speak and I keep tripping over my own worms, sorry words, see what I mean? Maybe with a bit of practice and perhaps getting over the nerves I may post something, who knows.

I've had quite a few new additions to the collection and hope to get those shown soon as this very blog, you lucky people. I may also have something nice to give away again soon, so please keep reading and feel free to leave comments

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